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    Do you want to face new challenges that may require new methodologies?

To achieve this; we will explain the one that Kilian Jornet had to apply in 2017 to climb the highest peak on the planet, Everest.

In 26 hours he managed to climb a route where mountaineers usually need four days.

Do you want to reflect on the role that companies, and more specifically, your company, must play in the care and safeguarding of our planet?

We sense that after the Coronavirus pandemic nothing will be the same as before and we must all rethink what our role will be.

And the goals?

They also know a lot about that. In each feat they have not just one, but many. The different stages of each tour make him happy and enjoying his passion at all times. The workers in your company can feel even happier and proud to belong to your company. Also applicable to an even more important environment: the family.

Do you want to discover, thanks to the experience of Eduard Jornet, how important it is today to work in a network to bring your whole team together much better?

Values, present every day, the words we use and trust in other people are fundamental.

And the details? Do you know what are those little things, gestures, actions, that can generate an optimal work environment in your office and in your personal environment?

Eduard, probably the best mountain guide in the world, will explain the importance of analyzing each action, especially important in the professional field, to avoid risks. In the backpack, the Jornet, measure to the last gram of weight that they put to always go light.

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