If you are interested in starting a new life in the rural world, contact us and we will help you achieve your goal: marcvives@farmlab.cat


The Itinerarium Foundation and ‘The Jornet Mountain House’ want to help all people, both individuals, families and also companies who decide to start a new life in the rural world. Currently, we are rehabilitating a ‘Masía’ and providing it with self-sufficient mechanisms and self-consumption activities around it. The exceptional situation that we live in the face of the Coronavirus crisis opens the doors to start a new life with many benefits:

-Cheap accommodation costs.
-Possibility to help you create your own self-sustainable house with a 3D printer at an affordable price.
-Rich and healthy food with local products from the town.
-Performing sports in natural environments.
-Creation of new professions that do not yet exist in the rural world.
-Possibility of teleworking for your company or while you live with your family, or only in rural surroundings.
-Training in agriculture and livestock in order to be self-sustaining and save costs.
-Training in 3D technologies for the self-manufacture of products saving costs and travel.
-Solar plates and reuse of water for your home.
-Free internet.
-Connection with nature: animals and trees.
-The same technological and design possibilities as Barcelona, ​​Madrid or New York.
-Much more personal and family space. Even for your company.
-More creativity by being in relaxed environments that lend themselves to assertive and coherent thinking.
-Life without traffic stress and crowds.
-Greater longevity of life.

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