Welcome to Farmlab:
A research center promoted by the Itinerarium Foundation where companies can discover new learning methods based on self-improvement, the search for innovation, positive evolution, values and always committed to society.

The Itinerarium Foundation through its educational and teleworking knowledge, and the incessant search for innovation in the last 10 years, makes all its experience available to your company and its workers in a bucolic rural environment, amidst animals and beautiful forests in the town of Pruit (Barcelona).

The Farmlab, where is the famous ‘The Jornet House Mountain’ by Eduard Jornet, is a laboratory with sleeping accommodation and its own restaurant with traditional local products.

We have 3 rooms for meetings and conferences, all equipped with WIFI and 75-inch screens. One of the rooms has 360-degree views of the meadows where the cows freely graze. Undoubtedly, an ideal place to be inspired, create, telework -from 1 day to a month-, charge batteries, reinvent yourself, team up or decide the near future of your company based on the different activities that we have prepared for you.

The Itinerarium Foundation puts at your disposal its experience in social entrepreneurship, work in projects linked to the territory, cooperative learning, links with the most innovative organizations, the use of the most appropriate technologies for telework, geolocation and the Internet of things. Without forgetting excellent inclusive reference experiences to bring values closer to the workers of your company; such as the project by Anna Vives, a young man with Down Syndrome, who managed to create the first social typeface in history -and that the Barça players and Messi himself have worn on his shirt in a match at the Camp Nou-; or the Joan Robots project, a boy with ataxia who teaches how to make robots with recycled material.

Marc Vives, the director of the Itinerarium Foundation, and one of the great architects of these successes, also offers at the Farmlab, for interested companies, the conference ‘The Dream Factory’ where he explains the secrets of how to achieve any dream, as impossible as it may seem.

The knowledge transfer Farmlab as a solution to the global problems develop following the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) by the UN in 2030.

We are waiting for you!


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